Kipinän kosket - Rapids of Kipinä


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Rapids of Kipinä are located in the western part of Pudasjärvi. Varpuvirrat, Kipinänkoski, Toho-, Hikimys- ja Konttikoski together form the longest consequential rapids in the waters of Iijoki that are still in their natural state. On the whole the rapids are ca. 10 kilometres long.

Rapids of Kipinä are easily accessible and they are also well-known among canoers. There are several lean-tos, campfire spots and slipways for boats in the area.

Native Fish Stock

Grayling, pike, perch, trout

Fish Transplantation

Grayling and trout fry transplantations

Fishing Season

The whole open-water season. Note the close seasons for different types of fish.

Allowed Fishing Techniques

Casting or fly fishing from the shore or trolling from a boat.

Fishing Restrictions

No catch quotas.
Close season for salmon and trout during spawning season from September 1st to November 15th.
Fishing ban of trap-and-haul salmon

Minimum Sizes for Fish

  • Minimum size for grayling 35 cm
  • Minimum size for trout 60 cm
  • Minimum size for salmon 60 cm

Fishing Licences

Fishing allowed only with fishery of Ala-Kollaja's lure fishing licence.

Lure fishing licence pricing:
A Day 15€
A Month 20€
The whole season 50€
Family licence: One full-price licence + spouse or at most two 15 to 17 year-old children for half the price per person

Where to Buy a Fishing Licence direct link

Juustokievari (Niemitalon juustolassa), p. 044 200 2995, Hetekyläntie 8, 93140 Kipinä
Poro- Panuma, p. 0400 388 268, 040 577 3380, Laasenraitti 40,
Neste Oil Pudasjärvi, Pietarilantie 46, p. 08 822 522, pasi.malinen(ät)
Eräkontio, Näätämöntie 10, Kiiminki, p. 0400 998 850, 040 540 1100,


Poro-Panuma, Laasenraitti 40, p. 0400 388 268 / 040 577 3380,
Kipinän kalastuskeskus / Pudasjärven kaupunki, Varsitie 7, p. 040 826 6417,

Other Services

Café-restaurant Juustokievari, Hetekyläntie 8, p. 044 200 2995

Lean-tos / Campfire spots:

  • Yli-Iintie 208 (Kipinänkoski)
  • Riepulantie 507 (Konttikoski)